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Proximity to favorite hotspots is almost always a consideration when a person is looking for a place to call home. But sometimes, you want home to be a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of bigger metropolitan areas, giving you the flexibility to visit these lively hubs, but to escape the controlled chaos at the end of the day. One such hub is Princeton. Though it may not be in the same league as, say, New York City, it is a major New Jersey destination and a hugely popular spot for employment. (Not to mention, a well-known college town.) So if you’re looking at apartments near Princeton, NJ, but don’t want to actually live in Princeton, perhaps consider going a little south to Levittown, Pennsylvania.

There, you’ll find Orangewood Park Apartments, which is just 20 minutes outside of Princeton, unlike the typical drive from the popular communities to the north, which tend to be twice the length. In Levittown, you reap the benefits of smaller town living, all within proximity to larger areas with exciting restaurants, nightlife, and museums galore.

In addition to its proximity to Princeton, Levittown is less than ten miles away from Trenton. From Trenton, getting to New York City is as easy as parking your car and hopping aboard a train. There’s no need to worry about all that traffic that is synonymous with The City That Never Sleeps. Instead, you can kick back with a book and relax. The best part is that, aboard the train, you’ll find yourself reaching your destination in as little as one hour.

So, as you search for apartments near Princeton, NJ, consider Orangewood Park Apartments, and you’ll find yourself in the center of a whole lot of excitement. Contact us today to schedule a tour!